People of the municipality

The very first people living in the Sorell Municipality were members of the two aboriginal tribes Moomairremener and Pydairrerme.

White people arrived in the early 1800’s with many of the land owners being ex convicts from Norfolk Island and New South Wales. Once they had served their time, they were often given land grants to settle in areas away from Sydney and therefore, to expand the colony.

These land owners produced large families, some of which still have descendants living in the municipality. Over time, these people have served their country in times of war, represented their state in sporting teams and become famous authors.

Entertainment in the municipality

As one of the earliest areas settled in Tasmania, the Sorell municipality has many forms of entertainment ranging from horse racing in the 1800’s, pubs in many towns through to modern surf life saving at the local beaches and dance and sporting clubs in the towns.

Below are links to posts about some of these entertainment spots:

  • Pembroke Hotel
  • Destiny Dance
  • SEBA
  • Gordon Highlander
  • Pembroke Oval
  • Tennis Club
  • Fishing Hotspots
  • Memorial Hall
  • Sale-yard
  • Football Club

Sorell: 200 years on

In 2007 I began a wiki with students from Sorell School as part of their history lessons. Students visited businesses, researched through newspapers and interviewed residents on interesting aspects of Sorell and the municipality of which it is a part.

Since retiring from teaching, I have updated the wiki to use as part of the Sorell Historical Society and now that wikispaces is closing down, I have decided to transfer the wiki to a blog ready to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sorell as a town in Tasmania.

The easiest ways to find information will be:

  1. Visit the timeline and click on a link related to topic of interest OR
  2. Click on a tag related to your topic of interest OR
  3. Click on a category if interested in local families, businesses, churches etc