Dodges Ferry Fire Brigade

Dodges Ferry fire station opened on April 1993. It was opened by Dr Frank Madill. He was the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

The first chief was David Wells. The chief in 2008 was Chris Wilson, 2 Grant Hawkes, 3 Adam Hall, 4 Chris Suckling. The leading fire fighters were Micheal Olive, Olive Torenius and Carmen Zeralla. In total, there were 37 people in the fire brigade in 2008.

There are 3 fire trucks in the station. The volunteers use these to do local burns and train for what they do.

From 2001 to 2007 there had been 453 calls. The biggest house fire was at Paneminner Street on the 27 October 2006.

The hottest fire was at Scenic Drive, Lewisham.

The biggest MVA Arthur Hwy.

Dodges Ferry

Dodges Ferry is located on the eastern side of Pittwater. Dodges Ferry was named after Ralph Dodge who operated a ferry service across Pittwater. In 2006, Dodges Ferry had a population of 2,947. In Dodges Ferry there are Basketball and Football clubs which many join in and play. There is also Dodges Ferry Primary School which in 2000 had 460 students attending in years kinder – Grade six.