A-Z challenge April 2022

 We did it!

We actually had a post for each letter of the alphabet.

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Members of the Sorell Historical Society wrote the majority of the posts for this challenge. Many thanks for taking part.

Click on the blue title and the post will open in a new tab on your computer or ipad.

A – About the blog and challenge – written by Sue

B – Blue Bell Inn – thanks David for writing this post

C – Carlton River area – written by Sue

D – Ralph Dodge – thanks Judy for writing this post

E – Early Sea Explorers – written by Sue

F – First People – thanks Melinda for writing this post

G – Gard family – thanks David for writing this post

H – Hannah Green – thanks Jo for writing this post

I – Inns and publicans – written by Sue

J – James Gordon – written by Sue

K – Kellevie – written by Sue

L – Land grants and using theLIST website – written by Sue

M – McGinniss family – thanks Judy for writing this post

N – Nomenclature of the district – written by Sue

O – Orielton Lagoon Ramsar Wetlands – written by Sue

P – Photography of Rollings – written by Sue

Q – Questions – written by Sue

R – Reardons of Thorn Hill – thanks Judy and Bev for writing this post

S – Surf Lifesaving – thanks Amanda for writing this post

T – Trades – thanks Jeanette for writing this post

U – Umbrella maker – thanks Jo for writing this post

V – Violet Vimpany – written by Sue

W – Watermen of Sorell – thanks Helen for writing this post

X – X marks the troth – thanks Peta for writing this post

Y – Yachting – thanks Melinda for writing this post

Z – Zelley – thanks Greg Williams for writing this post

5 thoughts on “A-Z challenge April 2022

  1. Hi and thank you I see that W is going to be a story from my family tree about nurse wiggins I have a picture of her and the cape she wore from Sorell so it will be interesting reading

    • Hi Stephen,
      Would be great if I could use the picture of her in the blog post. Or if you know a lot about her, perhaps you could write about 200 words about her life that I could then expand upon in the blog post.

    • Nurse Wiggins’ cape is in a glass display box in the History Room in the Sorell Memorial Hall. Her Nursing Certificate is also on display.

      • Peta that is the one I have a picture off and now finding out a few years ago that I am related to former marine Samuel Wiggins very proud of this heritage wanting to learn all I can about his time in Tasmania

  2. Ralph Dodge would be interesting to include in this challenge. He is my great grandfather and was born on Norfolk Island.

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