Q for quandary

This was a tough letter to find something to write about in the Sorell municipality. But then I decided questions would be a good topic.

Where is your quiet place in the community?

Have you danced a quadrille at one of the many dances held in the halls around the municipality?

What are some questions you might have about this blog?

Were there any Quaker families among the early settlers?

What was quarried in the district and where?

Who were the festival Queens in the municipality?

NS1553-1-2 Queen of May

Readers: Can you think of a topic starting with Q that I could have written about?



One thought on “Q for quandary

  1. Hi Sue, well done. I have not read them all yet but looked at Q cause I was interested in what might have been found. I have Quinn relatives who lived and possibly still live in Sorell so thought someone might have written about them. I don’t know enough about them to write anything at the moment. Regards Robyn Harrison

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