Soldiers WWI

There are a lot of people who have fought and died for their country.
There are a lot of people who honour the people that fought and died for their country.
We are honouring the soldiers who fought for us.

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 The soldiers of the Sorell Municipality who fought in World War 1.

Albert Harris Bender
Went to war 02.03.1916
Died 30.03.1918
25th Battalion

Charles Young
Went to war Unknown
Died 11.04.1917
15th Battalion

Clement Robert Young
Went to war Unknown
Died 13.10.1917
40th Battalion

Joseph Allan Young
Went to war Unknown
Died 04.10.1917
40th Battalion

Keith Doctor Hean
Went to war 16.8.1915
Died 19.6.1916
12th Battalion

Samuel Richard Wiggins
Went to war 23.3.1916
Died 5.7.1916
12th Battalion

Joseph Henry Millington
Went to war 21.2.1916
Died 30.1.1917
40th Battalion

Paul Hamilton Joseph
Went to war 29.8.1916
Died 3.5.1918
48th battalion

Morris Pitt Joseph
Went to war 6.4.1916
Died 6.10.1917
12th Battalion


The ANZAC’s used a lot of guns and bombs as their weapons. The First World War was the start of a revolutionary weapon making time.
Many weapons were made in WW1 such as the Railway rifle which was situated on the back of the train.
Another piece of weaponary that made history would have to be the tank.

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  1. I have information you may be interested in. In the WW1 names listed are Paul and Morris Joseph. My Grandfather Erle Joseph their brother also went to war and returned. Erle owned a property at Carlton called Marshdale that had been in his family for years. I lived on that property and attended Sorell school 1966 to 72. Mr Broxham was headmaster back then. I have lots of family history documents and information if anyone is interested in hearing it.

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