Sorell Council

Sorell was the eighth municipality created in Tasmania.

Sorell was lucky to have some important men with great ideas and good visions for the future. They believed they could do something with the place and had a pretty good view of it all and what it would be like. Some of these men were Mr. Alec Hean, Mr. William Dunbabin, Col. A. C. Blacklow and the president Warden, Mr. E. C. Iles.

The first council was elected on 30th June 1862 and they had their first meeting on the 1st of July 1862.
The first councillors were Messrs. John Dunbabin, Robert Blyth, Francis Allison, Edward Moore, Robert Doctor and Charles Hazell. Dr.Robert Blyth was elected warden and Mr.R.Fitzsimmins was the first council clerk. They were paid a salary of $150 a year.

2 thoughts on “Sorell Council

  1. The Alec Hean listed as a member of the council as Alexander Baillie Hean. MHA his brother Thomas Small Hean was also a member of the council and Warden. Alex and Tom were born in Lochnee, Scotland and after coming to Tasmania tey married sisters, Amy Mary and Acie Celia Allanby. Amy and Acie were my great aunts.

  2. Checking if Councillor Edward Moore was the Edward Moore that married the Birchall sisters Susan and Ann.

    I am researching the Bellett family as my husbands 3xg grandfather was William Bellette, brother to Susannah Birchall.
    thank you

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