Aboriginals of the South East

Twelve thousand years ago, the aboriginals of the Tasmania community faced a natural disaster which flooded the Bassian plains!

The aboriginals of the Tasmania community headed to the inland during winter so they could hunt their food, such as snakes, and a small variety of birds.
After the winter is over and the summer begins, the aboriginals headed to the out-land to fish. They would spear their fish with spears. The spears were made of crafted wood, and sharp objects which they would tie to the end of the wood. (They used spears to kill most other animals but sometimes used other objects.) Speaking of creating, they created their hut with large pieces of bark.

When the aboriginals of the Tasmania community got dirty and the spring filled up they would wash themselves with the water.

Tribe Names and their areas were:

  • Moomairremener tribe lived in the Risdon Cove area
  • Pydairrerme tribe lived in the Oyster Bay area


One of many old rituals of the south east Tasmanian aboriginals, was when the frost was in the springs, the children rubbed it over their naked bodies. They did it for the boys to grow into successful hunters and the girls to grow into beautiful ladies with large breasts.

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If anybody can answer either of the unanswered questions please reply in the comments.
Q. What were the names of all the 9 tribes?
A. Moomairremener, Pydairrerme

Q. Were the 9 tribes near each other?
Here is an interesting link to the Andaman society which makes mention of the Aboriginal tribes of Tasmania.

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