Dodges Ferry Fire Brigade

Dodges Ferry fire station opened on April 1993. It was opened by Dr Frank Madill. He was the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

The first chief was David Wells. The chief in 2008 was Chris Wilson, 2 Grant Hawkes, 3 Adam Hall, 4 Chris Suckling. The leading fire fighters were Micheal Olive, Olive Torenius and Carmen Zeralla. In total, there were 37 people in the fire brigade in 2008.

There are 3 fire trucks in the station. The volunteers use these to do local burns and train for what they do.

From 2001 to 2007 there had been 453 calls. The biggest house fire was at Paneminner Street on the 27 October 2006.

The hottest fire was at Scenic Drive, Lewisham.

The biggest MVA Arthur Hwy.

Dodges Ferry

Dodges Ferry is located on the eastern side of Pittwater. Dodges Ferry was named after Ralph Dodge who operated a ferry service across Pittwater. In 2006, Dodges Ferry had a population of 2,947. In Dodges Ferry there are Basketball and Football clubs which many join in and play. There is also Dodges Ferry Primary School which in 2000 had 460 students attending in years kinder – Grade six.


Destiny Dance

Destiny started in 2000 and has now been running for 9 years. It started when Tammy Mason and Naomi Grist wanted to give the community a place to dance for fun not competition. They both had a passion to teach dancing and they wanted to share that with others.

 They saw that Destiny could be a place not only to develop dance skills but confidence too. They could inspire children to do their best and reach their full potential.

They were given $17,500 by the government to build a studio just off Station Lane at the Youth and Community Centre in Sorell. All the profits go back to Destiny to buy costumes and tea and coffee for the parents attending.

If they get any extra money they donate it to their sponsor child or to the community. Destiny has recently moved to the Midway Point community hall at the top of Raynors Road. Now there is only one teacher, Tammy Mason, and she teaches preschool to adults!

Creature Comforts Pet Shop

Creature Comforts was opened on the 15th January 2007. They sell cats, dogs, fish, mice, rats, hermit crabs, budgies, finches, canaries, cockatiels and parrots.

The also have a wide range of bird toys, dog toys, guinea pig accessories, quality pet food and animal medicines. Creature Comforts was originally called “Flyns” before the current owner, Joy Thomas, took over and named the pet shop Creature Comforts.

Blue Bell Inn

In 1863 the Blue Bell opened up for the first time. The very first owner was Mr. William Gard.

It is a very popular place for tourists. It also has 5 bedrooms, 3 dining rooms and 1 ballroom.  The ballroom upstairs has now been changed it into a dining room.

The Blue Bell Inn restaurant has been open since the mid 1980s.

They have 2 cellars downstairs to store food and wine.

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Animal Hospital

The Animal Hospital was first built around 1986 then rebuilt in 2004. It got rebuilt so that people had better service for their sick animals. They have a bigger operating room and bigger working space than before. It took many builders including the staff members to rebuild.

Rob the manager, in 2008, wanted to be a doctor when he was 4 years of age then he realised that it was too much to have a human’s life in his hands so he decided to be a vet. He had to go to university for 5 years.

At the Animal Hospital they get 25-30 animals in a day, Mainly dogs and cats but other unusual animals like snakes, ducks, echidnas, rats, falcons, eagles, devils, quolls, cows, horses, ferrets and many others are brought in to be checked.

Some people say that cats don’t have 9 lives but in fact they do. We asked if they had any bad accidents and Rob said, “Yes, we have and its very devastating.”

The Animal Hospital will make sure that your pets are well looked after. You can get all kinds of supplies for your pets. Any pet that you have that is sick or injured be sure to take it to the Animal Hospital.

Aboriginals of the South East

Twelve thousand years ago, the aboriginals of the Tasmania community faced a natural disaster which flooded the Bassian plains!

The aboriginals of the Tasmania community headed to the inland during winter so they could hunt their food, such as snakes, and a small variety of birds.
After the winter is over and the summer begins, the aboriginals headed to the out-land to fish. They would spear their fish with spears. The spears were made of crafted wood, and sharp objects which they would tie to the end of the wood. (They used spears to kill most other animals but sometimes used other objects.) Speaking of creating, they created their hut with large pieces of bark.

When the aboriginals of the Tasmania community got dirty and the spring filled up they would wash themselves with the water.

Tribe Names and their areas were:

  • Moomairremener tribe lived in the Risdon Cove area
  • Pydairrerme tribe lived in the Oyster Bay area


One of many old rituals of the south east Tasmanian aboriginals, was when the frost was in the springs, the children rubbed it over their naked bodies. They did it for the boys to grow into successful hunters and the girls to grow into beautiful ladies with large breasts.

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If anybody can answer either of the unanswered questions please reply in the comments.
Q. What were the names of all the 9 tribes?
A. Moomairremener, Pydairrerme

Q. Were the 9 tribes near each other?
Here is an interesting link to the Andaman society which makes mention of the Aboriginal tribes of Tasmania.