Hook ‘n’ Camping

The Sorell Fishing shop, called Hook ‘n’ Camping, opened in December 2003. The best selling products are lures. They opened from 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday. The shop is found in the Gateway Shopping Centre.

Stuart Bailey was the owner in 2008. He decided to open the shop in Sorell because of the growing population and because there was no other fishing shop in Sorell. They like to fish and they get the most customers on Friday. When they moved here it was just a empty room.

Pictures taken by: Ricky Pritchard

Fishing Hotspots

In the Sorell Municipality, there are possibly 4000 species of fish including sharks and shelled fish.

There are over 20 good fishing spots in the Sorell municipality including Carlton, Dodges Ferry and more.

You can catch king flathead in the Sorell Municipality, king flat head are flathead that can grow up to 2-5 feet in length.

The biggest fish you can catch in the Sorell municipality is the great white shark which is mostly caught up in nets.

The biggest fish caught in the Sorell Municipality is a Great White Shark that was 400 pounds.

The limit of squid and flat head is 30 and the limit of all the other fish is 10 or over.

Tiger sharks and great white sharks travel in and out of the Sorell Municipality.

The best way to catch fish is to use bait and lures (soft plastics, wobblers and squid jigs).

The best bait that you can use is Blue bait and Squid but salmon is the best to catch gummy sharks.

The first shark attack in the Sorell municipality was at Shark Point and that’s how it got its name.

There are round about 2 species of squid in the Sorell municipality and they are the arrow squid and calamari.

Fishing in winter

If you ever go fishing at the Sorell Municipality in winter, you have a good chance of catching Australian Salmon, flounder and Gummy Shark. You will have the slightest chance of catching flathead, you might catch some squid and possibly some Whiting.