Blue Bell Inn

In 1863 the Blue Bell opened up for the first time. The very first owner was Mr. William Gard.

It is a very popular place for tourists. It also has 5 bedrooms, 3 dining rooms and 1 ballroom.  The ballroom upstairs has now been changed it into a dining room.

The Blue Bell Inn restaurant has been open since the mid 1980s.

They have 2 cellars downstairs to store food and wine.

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3 thoughts on “Blue Bell Inn

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  1. Hi the Blue Bell first opened in 1829, it burnt down in 1863 and was re-built in the same year. The very first owner was William Currie (He was also convicted of a famous murder in the Inn).
    The Inn has 6 guest rooms, 1 dining room and a Ballroom , there is also a private managers wing on the side. The Ballroom is now a Bar and Lounge. It was previously used as maternity ward and an influenza hospital among many other things.
    There is only 1 cellar, located under the dining room which is where the original bar was located.
    Feel free to Contact us for more information, cheers Sandee and Brian of the Blue Bell Inn 0409544288

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